The Weekender #13: Hikes And Museum Evenings

weekender 13

This week has been great. The weather has been rather good –except for the thunder storms on Saturday- but still my friends and I have been able to enjoy this last weeks of august..

On Tuesday we decided to go to the Oma painted forest. It was so beautiful and the day was incredibly sunny! The car ride was so much fun, my sister made a very interesting playlist which we sang along through the journey and which also may had contained some serious gangster songs such as Kanye West’s clique –a classic. The hike was tough but I loved it so much, I was able to see that I’m not too out of shape –phew!– and it was the first time for so long that I went to a mountain.

On Thursday, my sister and I planned a fancy evening for the two of us. We had wanted for ages to go to a museum and we finally found an interesting exposition that we both liked. We went to the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum to see the The 50s: Fashion in France 1947-1957 exhibition and it was gorgeous. The dresses where beautifully made, and I’ve never been so close to a Dior in my entire life! Definitely a must for fashion lovers, although I must say we both wanted to see more –and try on some of the outfits, why not..

What were you up to this week?

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