Summer White Nails


Since the beginning of summer I’ve been looking for the perfect white nail polish. A real white, one not too sheer but also one that doesn’t look like I’ve dipped my fingernails in Tippex. My love for pastel colour nails is well known, so I needed to give a go to white nails. I then spotted the Essence nail polish stand, picked this one up and rushed home to test it..

First, let’s address how well Essence picks the names of their polishes, this one is Wild White Ways –just lovely. The formula was alright, I could have just gone for one coat. The brush is wide and smooth, no streaking is seen and it can be layered without any problem. It dries to a very shiny finish, which leads me to the important point: it’s a gel formula. I know the drill about them, but I wasn’t very impressed with this one as my manicure lasted unchipped three to four days, the same as with a non gel polish.

Do I love white nails? Definitely, they make me look more tanned –and I live for that healthy glow. Plus there is something chic and sophisticated about them.. Does everyone love white nails? Definitely not, in particular one of my friends, who told me they were a bit tacky –ups..

White nails, yes or no?

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