The Weekender.. IS BACK!

weekender back

YES! As you can see, I’ve rescued the weekender from the archives to give it another go, and I’m so happy about it! The weekender was left aside after I settled myself up in Belfast, but now that I’m not there anymore, I realized I had missed it too much –I blame it on my friends, whom I also missed very much..

So, the blog has been quite quiet the past month as you have already seen, and as I told you in my august mood board post, all I’ve done is eat-sleep-party repeat. I was in much need of something like this, I missed everything about my home and family so bad.

However, there’s a different thing you can guess from the photos: I have been roasting on the beach as much as possible but yet I look as pale as ever, which is so frustrating. Anyways, I won’t give up and I will spent this whole month at the beach trying to get at least a healthy glow.. There are a lot of festivities going around these days, and as you can see, a lot of cooking is involved. A friend of us cooked a giant paella that –even though I don’t like paella very much- was still delish. I then spent four days in a little –very little– village in Burgos, which was also a lovely trip.

More things are coming next weekend, but as always you can follow me on twitter (@carlotarules) and instagram (carlotarules) for daily updates. The Weekender is back..

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