Ikea Home Haul


So my mum, sister and I have this thing where every summer and winter holiday spend a whole day in Ikea whenever possible. This year we followed up with the tradition, and last week we made a little trip there. I must say I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Ikea, because as much as I love their 50m2 apartments –I would live there without hesitation, they are just fab– I get bored pretty easily..

However, this time I enjoyed the time there and bought some interesting things. Firstly, my sister and I picked up two Justina chair cushions in cream white with green stripes. We loved them when we saw them and we wanted to change our bedroom a little bit. I bought another Skurar candle holder, which I just realized is for candles and I’ve been using them us make up brushes holder –cheers to me. My sister has been really into pots and plants lately, so she bought this beautiful Orädd plant pot. My mum couldn’t resist and ended up buying this amazingly cute aubergine salt shaker I haven’t been able to find online. As for the Sinnlig candle, you already know how much I love them so I couldn’t resist. Especially this one, that smells like ice cream, and winter, and cold. So yeah, I love it very much.

Already planning my next trip to Ikea while writing this post..

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