The Belfast Diaries #10: All Things Come To An End

belfast diaries 10                                                                                                                      Goodbye treats and the babes

It’s not difficult to get from the title what this post is about and what it means. My Belfast adventure is over! I’m happy, I’m sad, and I am also so nervous about heading back home. I’m flying alone for the first time ever so I wouldn’t be surprised if instead of Bilbao I end up in China..

This week has been so weird. You know when you want to finish something but time doesn’t seem to pass? Well that has been it. Days at work have been easy and not so boring, however the weekend is getting a bit too long. Yesterday we said goodbye to one of my flatmates, Natalia, and today Irati is leaving. So you guessed right, I’m the last one to leave the house –which is not funny at all ‘cause I hate being alone in this house. And in case you were wondering, yes, we started in this house four girls but we ended up three. Don’t worry, a post explaining it all will come your way soon.

These three months in Belfast have been so good to me, and I recommend everyone who is thinking about doing an internship in another country to try it. It is an amazing experience and so rewarding, both in a personal and working way. I have a few more posts about the whole EPEZ-EREASMUS + experience prepared, a few videos schedule and some interesting posts for travellers, so it’s safe to say The Belfast Diaries are not over yet. Not a goodbye, just a see you later..

Pd.: Please feel free to ask me any questions about my internship, the ERASMUS + program or life in Belfast!

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