The Belfast Diaries #9: Sunny Days

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Surprisingly enough, the heat wave burning Spain has also arrive to Belfast. The weather has been warm and sunny, and I even have some tan lines from spending my lunch time enjoying the sunlight. I can´t believe it´s already July –I’ve been using this sentence a lot cause can you believe it’s JULY!!- and this week ahead will be my last week in Belfast *sobs*..

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I will probably do a more detailed post about my internship in Belfast experience, but I tell you this: if you have the opportunity, just do it. This weekend was perfect as we had a little goodbye party at our house where a lot of food and drinks were involved, and we really had a good time –you will probably see some action next weekend.

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I don’t even want to think next weekend will be my last weekend at Belfast and therefore The Belfast Diaries will come to an end! So sad..

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