The Summer Playlist

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Okay, so officially speaking summer doesn’t start until tomorrow, but let’s just ignore that fact and focus on the important thing: SUMMER. IS. HERE. Now that it is not just a wish any more, I thought of doing a little playlist with some tracks that  remind me of summer, and why not, are the perfect one’s to sing along on an improvised karaoke in the car –can’t wait to do it. I can’t help it and I have to end this post with a High School Musical song.. What time is it? Summer time!!

1. Sail Into The Sun – Gentlemen Hall 2. Cigarrete Dreams – Cage The Elephant 3. Heavy Love – Mali Music 4. Sweet Louise – The Belle Brigade 5. Junk Of The Heart – The Kooks 6. I Always Knew – The Vaccines 7. Jungle Drum – Emiliana Torrini 8. She´s Electris – Oasis 9. Geronimo – Sheppard 10. T – Shirt Weather // Circa Waves – Alex LePeter 11. Atlas – Coin

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