Currently Loving #2

currently 2

The good weather theme continues and my good mood is all over the place. There are a few things that have happened lately that have made things even better than they were, and these last weeks have been all about laughs, BBQ and weekend getaways –yes, the weather has allowed us to even do BBQ! Here is another take of what I’ve been coveting lately.. 

Reading – The last few weeks has been all about fashion and lifestyle blogs. I just can’t stop reading them. I’ve been especially obsessed with Audrey from BeFrassy. Not only I love her style, but her writing is also amazing. She’s funny and personal, a thing sometimes bloggers (in general) forget. One of my favourite posts has to be “10 things that took me 26 years to learn”.  Real friends should always tell you when you have spinach in your teeth.

Pinning – Still obsessed with Pinterest, I’ve discovered a new love: illustrations. Show me anything related with it and I’m sold. I so wish I could do some fancy handwriting, but my arty gen got lost along with the sporty one so I just pin away my sorrow..

Watching – Nobody told me that watching vlogs could be so addictive. Also I thank god for this vlogging fever among youtubers. With summer around the corner, I’ve been binge watching vlogs from aussies Earthlingmaxi and Tess Begg. I feel so inspired by their vegan life (no I’m not vegan nor vegetarian but still I’ve got mixed feelings about both of them haha) and I wish I lived in Australia.

Eating – A little confession here: I was one of those persons that didn’t like avocado. Yes, in fact I hated it and couldn’t understand how people loved it so much. Now, after my sister introduced me to it I can’t help but love it. I like taking mine with some salt, pepper and vinegar on top of some seed bread. Delish.

Being alone – See the changes I talked about before? This is one of them. My room mate left the house a few weeks ago for good and I ain’t complaining. I can’t tell you much of it mainly because I honestly don’t really know much, nonetheless, here is what I can  tell you: having a room for myself is the Best. Thing. Ever. For the first time in my life I share a room with no one and it feels good.

Enough rambling, time to get some avocado on toast.. What have you been loving?

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