Immortal City | A Book Review

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While I was wandering through some Poundland stashes, I suddenly found the bookshelf. Yes, I know weird place to buy books but lately I have been desperate for some reading. I was missing some relaxing quality time, and reading a book look like the perfect idea. This book immediately caught my eye, and before you say anything, let me say it first: I know this book is not for everyone and looks very childish –it actually is. But that was the kind of thing I was going for in the moment so just bear with me please..

So we are taken to parallel world where angels exist and they are the new celebrities. Jackson Godspeed, one of the main characters is handsome, rich and has a perfect life living as an angel. He is soon to be named guardian angel and everybody loves him. However Maddy Montgomery doesn’t feel the same. She is no angel and has to work with her uncle at his restaurant because he can’t afford other waitress. While everyone is obsessed with the angel word, she couldn’t care less. But little did she know that Jacks would make a surprise appearance in her life to turn it upside down. Can you see where the storyline is going?

When I bought it I didn’t realize this was actually part of a trilogy –what?! I refuse to get hooked on another trilogy. I felt like sometimes it wasn’t well written –it had some spelling mistakes- and although all in all it was an entertaining book I wouldn’t have bought it for the actual price –I paid just one pound! Like I said, this book is more for teenagers than for more grown-ups but what can I say, love me some cheesy love story..

Do you have any book recommendations?

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