Celebrating June With Free Desktops


You may have notice from my recent posts that I’ve been really embracing life lately. Happiness is almost a part of me, and I hate feeling other way that’s not cheerful and ready to laugh. I’ve been working on many things for the blog lately –having Photoshop at work is one of the greatest things in life- and this is one of them.. I’ve created three desktops for you, to celebrate June, summer, happiness or anything that crosses your mind. I love all of them, the colours are just so relaxing I could stare at my laptop for two hours straight without blinking. That Chanel quote tho..

Click to download You are the stars, you are the galaxy wallpaper

Click to download A clique I´d love to be part of wallpaper

Click to download Si tu pisses partout t’es pas chanel du tout wallpaper

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