The Belfast Diaries #6: Belfast Castle, Stormont and Graffitis

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Last week it was Bank Holyday in the United Kingdom. If you don´t know what this is, It´s a kind of holyday where people have a free day and don´t have to work –genius. It was my first ever bank holyday –and my last one, I´m afraid- so we spent the whole day doing the tourists things which include lots of photos and taking double decker busses..

We first headed to the Belfast Castle, which is located in a beautiful green park. The one thing that I loved about this is that we were able to see the city from above and also the sea. We had a great time visiting the castle and trying to find the nine cats that walk around it. For your information, it´s not as easy as it seems.


Just a little clue here..

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Then we took another bus to see the graffitis – please don´t ask me where this was because I have no idea. We wandered for a while until we found them, and it was so beautiful to see. Some of them are real works of art, and the past behind them is so interesting. However, as we went by ourselves we were a little bit lost on the history area..

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My partner in crime Natalia.

DSC_4810 DSC_4809

Finally we went to Stortmont, where the Belfast Parliament is. It is a massive building and let me tell you is has a huge slope to get there! We couldn´t get in because as it was bank holyday it was closed, but still the timetables to visit it are so ridiculous: only from Monday to Friday 09:00 to 16:00, exactly when everyone is working.



Me trying not to laugh. Obviously didn´t work.


Natalia doing (and nailing) the model thing.


Haha we couldn´t resist..

We had such a productive day!

What are you up to this weekend?

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