Currently Loving #1


There is something about feelings I’ll never understand. Sometimes I feel sad and I lack energy for everything yet other times I feel so happy I can’t stand it. These past few weeks I’ve been feeling so good, full of energy just like I like to be. I’ve been feeling more myself since I arrived in Belfast, which is the perfect sign I’m starting to get used to this place yay! I guess the weather has a lot to do with it, it’s been surprisingly sunny and mild these days with some rain here and there- I’m starting to think I’m somewhere in the south of Spain instead of Northern Ireland –not really haha.

Just because I’m full of love and happiness right now –and I don’t know how much time it will last- I thought of putting together some of the things that I’ve been enjoying lately so you too can enjoy them..

Reading – I’ve been doing a lot of blogging research for my job lately and I’ve found so many good blogs. The one that I can’t stop reading though is Josie’s Journal. I just love everything about her blog, her style is so trendy and her writing is beautiful. I’m not joking if I tell you I started reading it and when I realized I was already deep into December posts..

Pinning – Pinterest has become my latest obsession. I’ve been pinning non stop the past few weeks and now I understand why people love it so much! Just a little warning here: do not pin on a empty stomach, the food game is too strong. Follow me if you one some inspiration..

Eating – If there is something fun about living alone is that you can cook what you want when you want. For the last few days I’ve eating nothing more than soups. Until now I wasn’t even a soup lover but apparently is true when they say people change. That and the fact that is the only thing that can warm my body after 30 minutes of walking in the rain to get to my house.

Dreaming – This may be a little odd, but lately I’ve been having the nicest dreams. You know when you wake up and you don’t really remember what you dreamt but you just feel good? That’s happened to me and I’m in love with the feeling.

What have you been loving?

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