Got Time?

BenQ Digital Camera

Last week at work I received a very special delivery from my sister. I know, I know, it’s only been one month and a few weeks since we don’t see each other, but to me it feels like years haha. I reckon this is the first time we’ve been without seeing each other for so long I’m already counting the days for her arrival in Belfast –hurray!

The little box had a few things I needed and some other silly things my sister thought would cheer me up (which obviously did). There was also a little letter and I’m not gonna lie, some tears were shed while reading it.. However, not everything was crying. My sister sent me this amazing Calgary San Marine Vintage watch I had wanted for months. Now, it finally lies were it belongs: around my wrist.

The watch is so classy and chic, looks good with any outfit and will have everyone wondering where you got it from. It’s very similar to the Daniel Wellington and the Cluse ones; I think it’s a mixture between both of them. The strap is green and white fabric and it has golden pink details. It sits perfectly in my wrist and it’s really comfortable to wear. I’m not really sure if it can be submerged under water, but because the strap is fabric I’d recommend you not just in case.

Finally after almost five months without a watch I feel complete again and I can’t stop looking at it. So, got time?

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