L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise EverSleek Heat Protection Smoothing Mist Review

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Have I really found the key to soft smooth hair? I mean it can be a bit ambitious for me to say that, but I finally think I’ve found the one product that does everything for my hair..

I’m talking about the L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise EverSleek Heat Protection Smoothing Mist, an all in one wonder. It prevents fizziness, facilitates straightening and it has heat protection. Magic. I’ve used this ever since I bought it and felt the difference from the very first day. I feel my hair softer and straighter, if that makes sense. I don’t even straighten my hair like I used to, because this stuff leaves it that smooth. It smells great and has a spray-like diffuser which makes it super easy to apply. I usually apply it on damp hair after I wash it although it can also be used on dry hair.

I cannot tell you anything else about it because I only got nice things to say. Even the price is dreamy (£3.65/200ml). But let me warn you about something: this thing is so slippery. The first time I used it I sprayed it on my room which was a mistake, because I almost kill myself after I slipped in the spot were some of the mist had fallen. It had me wondering a few hours what was wrong with the floor until my room mate told me it had happened to her as well. Of course I didn’t tell her it was my fault haha. Ups..


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