A Pair Of Boots, Three Looks


So as you know, a few months ago I bought the most comfortable yet beautiful black boots ever. I know styling black boots must be the easiest thing in this world, but just in case you were looking for some extra inspiration, I thought I put together some of the looks I’ve been wearing lately..


I’m not lying if I tell you I’m still trying to find the perfect black jeans. But whilst I wait, I will forever wear these ones from Zara that I bought too many years ago and that are more than ready to get a lifetime rest. Black jeans, blue shirt –who said blue and black aren’t friends? – and a black and white knit jacket were my choice for a casual night off.


This is the kind of outfit my mum would feel proud of. Skirts are not something I go for in my everyday looks, but I feel that denim skirts are the best options for casual girls like me. Paired it up with a soft knit and black tights makes the perfect choice for a not so dressed but still dressed look.


Well this one is the one that’s really out of my comfort zone. I own more black dresses than I should but still I manage to always forget them in the back of my wardrobe. I wore this LBD for a night out paired with black tights and a chunky ring which made me feel quite trendy –don’t ask why.

All outfits were worn with the green jacket you’ve already seen in recent photos ‘cause that’s the only one I’ve got here. Also please forgive my messy bedroom..

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