The Belfast Diaries #3: One Month In Belfast Round Up

belfast diaries 3

One month in Belfast already! Time is seriously flying here. This week though, I’ve been feeling a little bit under the weather, feeling rather homesick. However, my sister is coming visit me in a month so I’m still happy. I must say I’m so content in my internship. I really think I’m learning, it’s good to see all the backstage stuff you can’t see about an online fashion brand and all the work it requires to take up a stance in the fashion business..

belfast diaries 3 1  belfast diaries 3 2

The weather this weekend has behaved and the rain and cold has given us some rest. I’ve been wandering through lots of cards shops and been quite obsessed sending them to family and friends. The one you can see above was for the 23rd birthday of a friend however I managed to leave the shop with a happy 21st birthday card – can’t explain this. I also went to the cinema to see Avengers (it was good) and we celebrated a co-worker’s birthday with a lovely birthday cake.

belfast diaries 3 3

What is your monthly round up?

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