Two Meal Ideas For Busy Bees

recipe finall

I am loving this living by my own thing. Coming home and having your own place is just the best. However, one thing I didn’t think of much when I dreamt about this was meals. I guess I never worried because in my house there is always ready-to-eat food, so I just lived for the moment haha.

I must admit the first week was all about sandwiches to be honest –my mum made me pack my weight in Spanish ham so I have supplies for years. However this month I have been in and out from supermarkets like my life depends on it. I seriously am constantly buying food it’s ridiculous –is this what adults do?

So now my day routine goes like this: work, groceries, home, cook. Today I’m sharing with you the recipes I’m enjoying that are really delicious and cheap..

Rice With Vegetables

Basmati rice (I used a mug as a measure and ended up eating rice for three days..oops!), Three peppers, One courgette, Oregano, Olive Oil, Salt

Boil the rice following the instructions. Meanwhile, chop all the vegetables and grill them with some oil. Add salt and oregano, or any other spice you like. When finished, mixed everything together and enjoy this goodness. Repeat if you wish.

Cous Cous Salad

A mug of cous cous, Half an eggplant, Iceberg lettuce, Two tomatoes, Olive Oil, Apple vinegar, Salt

Cook the cous cous following the instructions. Chop the eggplant and cook with some olive oil. Add salt. Let the cous cous cool while chopping the lettuce and tomatoes. Dress with some olive oil and vinegar. Mix everything together and eat! Repeat if you wish.

Hope you like these recipes! If you try them, please tweet me @carlotarules a photo or let me know, I’d love to see it! Now let’s go back to cooking..

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