The Belfast Diaries #2: The Ulster Museum and Mum’s Day

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Week three in Belfast completed! Time is going so fast I can´t believe it’s already been almost a month here.. This week we have finally seen Belfast weather in all its glorious charm. It has been really cold, and the weekend was only about to get worst. If you follow me on twitter you will know that I already broke one umbrella, but what you don’t know is that later that day I went shopping, bought another one and break it again just a day later –blame it on the wind..

Last weekend, however, was lovely and we visited the Ulster Museum. It’s free and there is an exhibition for everyone. Also there is a place dedicated to Northern Ireland history which was very interesting.

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History time..

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BenQ Digital Camera

On another note, today is mother’s day in Spain so on Monday I sent my mother a little card just to remind her how amazing she is and to let her know I haven’t forgotten her haha.


What were you up to this week?

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