Two Steps For A Non Frizzy Hair

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You’ve heard by now all of my ramblings about having frizzy unmanageable hair. I get lots of volume when the weather is humid, and I’m not even gonna mention what it happens when it rains –my friends are sick of me complaining about this, because you see, I’m so lucky in Bilbao rains 24/7. You also now I’m always chasing new products that can help me with this situation, and lately I’ve discovered a new routine to make my hair able to kick the rainiest day..

I always brush my hair before going in the shower, so that it is tangle free. Then, I continue with my usual shampoo, which recently has been the Yves Rocher Voluminising Shampoo. If I see that the air is reeeally humid –which usually happens at nights- I tend to use the Pantene Smooth and Sleek which is seriously a rocking good shampoo. And then is when the magic begins. I apply my beloved Tresemme Keratin Smooth Deep Treatment Masque and leave it in for five minutes with some drops of my home made rosemary oil (and when I say a few drops I mean half a bottle). If you don’t have rosemary oil you can use argan oil or coconut oil.

If your hair is very thick and frizzy, you can also massage your hair with the masque for about five minutes and let it dry for fifteen minutes (or the whole night). I did this and my hair was the smoothest it has ever been, but also it lacked a bit of volume, so if you have fine hair (like me) I do not recommend you this.

I know the title says a two step routine for a frizziness free hair, but once I start talking I can’t stop! And even more when the topic is hair, the one thing I’m never happy with. Maybe just like my mother says I should try a buzz cut. No hair, no problem..

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