Five things: currently loving #1


April is almost over and I’m feeling great. I’ve been working on new proyects, the spring weather is finally here and everything is going just fine..

  • I rediscoevered the it book a couple of weeks ago and I’m obessesed. Great pictures, funny stories and useful tips all in one… If you haven’t read it already you are missing out.
  • The Avène Cleanance Mat moisturizer is just so lovely I can’t get enough of it. It leaves my skin soft and hydrated but shine free.
  • Frizzy hair don’t care… Because the L’oreal Paris Ever Liso serum keeps it frizz-free even when it rains. If you want a full review, you can read it here.
  • Kiko Ultra Glossy Stylo SPF 15 in Pearly Watermelon. I talked about this here and I can confirm how nice it is.It’s just a great colour for spring and it doesn’t dry out my lips.
  • The Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal mask, the more affordable version for the Origins drink up mask (review here) is one of those discoveries you want everyone to try. Whenever I apply this my skin feels great the next morning. It’s basically good skin in a bottle.

What are your current beauty obsessions?

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