The Belfast Diaries #1: The Titanic Museum


Last weekend we decided to do a bit of Belfast sightseeing and we headed over to the Titanic museum. If like me you didn’t know, the Titanic was built in Belfast –I know, mind blown. The weather was beautiful and we had the chance to take nice photos and enjoy a walk from our house to the museum. It was very fun, but neither of us wanted to actually go inside the museum –the tickets are 15£ and we are unpaid interns, sad but true..

BenQ Digital CameraBenQ Digital Camera

However, we did have a lot of fun taking pictures and simply loving the sun. The walk from our house to the museum was about 30 minutes, nothing too hard. We were quite surprised to see few people on the streets, thing we didn’t understand because the day was absolutely perfect. The following hours were spent doing photos, laughing and eating lunch in an improvised picnic.


There is us in our best pose.



After the museum we went to had lunch by the lagan river. There we found the Big Fish where we obviously pulled our best fish faces. The fish is 10 metres long and is made of ceramic tiles decorated with texts and images relating to the history of Belfast. It is said that if you kiss the fish in the mouth it’ll bring you good luck but let me tell you I’m not kissing unknown fishes. Also can we just take a moment and appreciate our failing attempt to take a jumping picture?

BenQ Digital Camera

The wind was indeed a very important factor on our photo shoot. We looked like total professionals.

BenQ Digital Camera

What have you been up to this weekend?

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