The Batiste Dry Shampoos Verdict

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A few months ago I found that a liltle shop in Bilbao had the Batiste dry shampoo I was willing to try. Some of my favourite bloggers talked wonders about it, so instead of buying just one I thought of buying two because why not..

I went for the mini ones. I chose the original Clean and Classic and the XXL Volume shampoos. I’ll start with the one that I liked, the original version. It is lovely. It leaves my hair fresh and clean, and it smells delicious. I just shake it a bit before spraying it on my hair. It doesn’t leave any white bits in my hair, although you have to be careful not to spray it too near your roots. I was actually surprised to find out that this is cheaper in Spain than it is in the UK, who would’ve known? Also, the Garnier Dry Shampoo is a good alternative if you can’t find this one.

I had a hard time trying the volumizing one. We just didn’t get along. I tried it several times, and although finally (I think) I was able to discover how it worked I don’t think I’ll buy this again. The formula was just horrible for me, and I don’t know how it left my hair full of static electricity. Just no.

I’ve been using them ever since I bought and I even carried them with me to Belfast. Because you never know when you won’t be able to wash your hair. Or you might as well be a lazy cat like me who doesn’t have time for hair washing. Because why wash your hair when you can sleep.

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