Why The Sally Hansen’s Instant Cuticle Remover Rocks

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As an ex-nail biter, this is a product I never thought I would find on my nail drawer –yes, I do have a drawer for my nail stuff. Now, I can proudly say me and my nails are recovered from those dark days, so the nail care world has been a total discovery for me. And here it is where the Sally Hansen’s Instant Cuticle Remover comes to play..

I just love it and has become a must in my many routine. As its name says, it’s a cuticle remover that works faster than you can say mani day. Just apply a drop onto your nail, rub it a little bit and let it make its magic for just 15 seconds. Quick, right? After that, I just push the cuticles with a manicure stick and sometimes cut if it is necessary. I bought mine at Sephora for just 4€, a total bargain.

So now every time I use this my nails look better, more healthy and tidy. I guess good nails days are a thing now.

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