A Review: L’oreal Paris Ever Liso (English Version)

Loreal buena 2

I love having long hair. I used to have the longest sleek soft hair back in high school days, and everyone told me my hair was beautiful. However, with the years my hair has changed from Pocahontas to an almost wavy not really straight situation. Not cool. I tried messy waves in the past, but came to the conclusion that curls are not really my thing. And that’s why my research of anti-frizziness products lent me to the L’oreal Expertise EverSleek Serum. And what a discovery..

Just a pump of this serum is enough to make my hair softer and smoother even when I don’t use conditioner. I use it on damp hair even though the directions are to use it on dry hair. I feel like it works better like this as it absorbs all the humidity. But here is the downside. Does it leave my hair soft and smooth? Yes. Is it really anti-frizziness? It depends. I don’t think it avoids frizziness completely, but as long as your hair is dry and the weather is not very (really) humid, you will be fine. Which never happens here in Bilbao.

This not wavy not straight thing is so annoying. Let me know if you have any favourites. Meanwhile I’ll be on the haunt of the perfect anti-frizziness product..


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