On My Hands..

BenQ Digital Camera

If I have another obsession apart from beauty, that is rings. I love looking at rings, I love trying on rings and I love wearing rings. But, you see, there is also a contradiction, because I don’t use them on a daily basics. I often put a ring on my fingers on special occasions, or if I’m going out..

I like polished and simple jewellery (you can find a lot of them in this post from Who What Wear), but at the same time I also love big chunky rings like the arty rings from Yves Saint Laurent. Actually, H&M did a similar collection, but unfortunately I couldn’t get hold of one of them *groans*.

Currently, I am loving these two rings from Sfera my mother gave me as a birthday present last Christmas. They are beautiful, and I just can’t take them off. Also, they make my fingers look long and sleek, which is always good. There you have my attempt of upgrading my looks from boring to smart with just one accessory. Just like Beyoncé, put a ring on it..

Update: Still not in Belfast, more info coming on sunday..

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