The Weekender #10: Crying, Packing and Moving to Belfast

The Weekender #10

Finally, the time has come! I’m already panicking about the fact that in just three days I will be on a plane on route to Belfast, and I am so (not) ready. I still have some stressful days ahead, lots of blog planning included..

But so far, I’ve already left my jobs as an English teacher and babysitter. And oh god it has been difficult! My English student is the best student ever, and any teacher would be proud to have her in their class –time to get emosh. I gave her a book as I was leaving (Don’t get me wrong by Brian Brennan & Rosa Plana) and she started crying, and then I started crying and we were both a crying mess. She’s such a babe I can’t even.

In case you were wondering, the kids did not cry when I left them haha. In fact, I think they were more than happy to see me go, specially the 8 year old one. She literally hates me and I don’t know why.. The baby though, he was so adorable and we had a very good last day at the park –omg I’m already talking like a mum!

Also, I know you all are very worried about my suitcase but keep calm, I’ve got everything sorted. I’ve already packed the most important things and let me tell you it all fits perfectly fine in my medium sized suitcase –oh yeah.

I’ll be leaving on Wednesday but until Sunday I will not be home, but don’t worry, if the wifi is good, there will be posts coming your way as usual on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Also, the next weekender will probably be written in Belfast. Can’t wait!


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