Summer Travel Bucket List

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It’s only been one week of spring, which means it’s about time to start looking for some warm and lovely places to spend the summer at. What do I want? Sun, beach and relax. Maybe some wandering after the beach, but that’s it. My sister and I are looking for some small not busy place, where we can spend the days under salty water and the evenings drinking several glasses of white wine –yep, that’s how we do it.

It’s been two years since our last proper travel, so I thought I’d share with you some destinations we are considering for an epic summer..

Nice – Since we watched Monte Carlo we cannot help but love everything French. There is something about the Côte d’Azur we both love, and right now Nice has a lot of chances to be the chosen one.

Menorca – Idyllic beaches, coves and turquoise blue water. Lots of places to visit, just a shame we cannot rent a car..

Sicily – When thinking of places to go, we never thought of Italy –what were we even thinking?! Sicily looks just so dreamy, but also a bit pricey..

Sardinia – And after Sicily, Sardinia just came along on my google browsing. What’s not to love about it?

Andalucia – Definitely a place we want to visit, but not sure if this summer is the right time..

Portugal – Our last choice. We’ve heard is beautiful, but again, we don’t have a car to drive and do a bit of proper sightseeing.

Many places and never enough time..

What are your top summer destinations?

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