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The weather is not helping, but yes, we are officially on spring! Hot and sunny days are nearer each day, but apparently it refuses to be now. So since shorts and loose blouses are a no-no I thought of doing a spring-y mani just to start feeling those summer vibes..

First, as I always do, I exfoliate my hands with some honey, argan oil and sugar scrub. This leaves my hands super soft and ready to go. Then, I apply some Sally Hansen Cuticle remover if I need it. Usually I tidy my cuticles every two weeks or so.

After, I go on with a base coat from Yves Rocher. This one is amazing because it dries super fast and strengthens your nails. Then I just continue with my lacquer of choice. This day I chose Essence’s Dare It Nude. It’s a taupe colour with pink undertones and the slightliest shimmer to it. I must admit I didn’t like this at first, but once I got it on my nails I realized it was absolutely adorable. If you like nude nails you’re gonna love it, and if –like me-you usually go for darkest colours, you should definitely try it because you’re also gonna love it.

Sometimes I finish the work with a top coat, sometimes, like this time, I don’t. But if I do, I always use the Yves Rocher Vernis Gloss, which I’m praying for it to end. It’s not that it’s a bad top coat, it’s just that I like my nails with a very glossy finish, and despite of the name, this does not give my nails a glossy finish. For an even more perfect finish I apply some oil to my cuticles to keep them hydrated.

On a quick note thought I’d be honest with you and admit I don’t always do this. In fact, sometimes I’m that lazy that I don’t paint my nails in months..

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