A Mask For Your Lips?

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I don’t know if this happens to everyone, but my lips have the strangest behaviour. One day they look completely healthy and hydrated, and all of a sudden the next day they look dry and rough. Is it because of the cold? Or do I just sleep with my mouth open (very sexy)? We’ll never know.. Usually this is solved with some scrub, but for the days where it doesn’t work, I use the Mary Kay Satin Lips Duo.

I swear this is the best thing I’ve ever tried for chapped lips. A white consistent cream that goes on your lips smooth and dries just like a usual face mask. After a few minutes, I rinse it off with water and my lips are 100% ready to slap even the mattest lipstick. To finish up I use the lip balm that comes together with the mask, which is also lovely. It’s very light and soft, with a glossy finish.

A two step routine to keep your lips looking nourished and perfect..

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