A Mansur Gavriel Dupe

Mansur Gavriel//Instagram

mansur gavriel

At this point, I’m sure you all now about the new sensation amongst celebrities and fashionistas all over the world: the Mansur Gavriel Bag. And you might think it’s “just” a bag, but it’s not. This amazing creation is, in my opinion, the most beautiful bag I’ve ever seen, almost made for classy minimalist people just like me. The leather bag is made so beautifully and the lines are just so dreamy is has been on my whist list since I first spotted it on the Lipssofacto instagram almost two years ago –whoa, time flies! But for now, and according the last time I checked my bank account, spending 460€ on a bag is not an option..

It looks like it’s sold out everywhere, but in case you were looking for something similar and less expensive; here it is my other option, the Parfois Tren Bucket Bag. It looks just the same, and there is also lots of colours to choose from! It’s not made from leather though, so if you are against of using animal products then this is your bag. Also, it comes with a small pocket where you can keep your oyster card and money. Very handy.

In case you were wondering, no, I didn’t get the bag. But I did get another thing from Parfois that I’m very happy about. Keep an eye on the blog this next week..


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