The Weekender #9: Babysitting, GoodBye Parties and Crêpes

weekender 8

As you may know if you follow me on twitter (@carlotarules) I have a new job as a babysitter –hurray! Okay, it’s not the best job ever, but right now it’s perfect for me. And what can I say, the kids are so funny it doesn’t even feel like work –yes, kids in plural. So by now I’ve learnt three things: all babies usually go through a phase where everything is theirs, they love caillou and eight year olds can be so annoying..

But children aside, this last weeks have been quite busy in the party department. I don’t think I am an animal party –my mum will surely disagree in this- but you know, since I am leaving in a couple of weeks, time cannot be wasted. Friends, clubbing, some tequila here and there..

Also, just let me tell you my favourite place in Bilbao lately, Wiché. It’s a French inspired bakery and café, where you can have anything sweet or salty. I loved the chocolate crêpe, while my friends loved the caramel one –and also bullied me because I don´t like caramel..-

The only thing I hope is that the sun from the past few days stays a little bit longer, I´m so done with rainy and sad days..

Ps.: All of the love for the babes supporting this blog from the beginning and through this language change journey, specially for my Mexican family! ; )

One thought on “The Weekender #9: Babysitting, GoodBye Parties and Crêpes

  1. aini says:

    Ohh que bonita la dedicatoria final charlottee 😊😊 espero poder verte antes de que te vayas!! Besoooootes gordootesss😘

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