Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

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These days my skin has been looking rather dull, in part due to the weather and in part due to a cold I’ve been dragging since the weekend. That, mixed with a lack of interest in a proper skincare routine –I’ve been just using my Garnier micellar water as a cleanser, lazy girl alert-, has left my skin shouting S.O.S.

So I thought I tried the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, that if you haven’t heard of it before, it’s just a four in one: illuminates, moisturises, tightens and also acts as a primer. Sounds nice. While I’m not sure about the tightening properties, it surely is very moisturizing and leaves my skin very soft. When applied, (pressing on the skin, never massaging) you can see that the skin is smoother and brighter, ready to slap some make up on. Mostly I use it as a primer, but I It can also be used as a mask, although I haven’t tried it this way yet.

I got mine from a special offer, hence the small tube. Also, it may not work well for very sensitive skins as it has some fragrance to it.

It’s quite expensive, 39,00€ for 50ml, and although it is a skin perfector, I don’t think I would buy the big tube, because let’s be honest, I can’t really be bothered to spend that much money on a makeup product. A girl needs to eat..

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