Zara Home Green Herbs Candle

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Unless you are a new reader of this blog –welcome! – , you will probably know by now how much I love candles and home fragrances. I honestly think they make such a difference between a house and home, and since I’m still living with my parents, all I can do is experiment with some candles until I find my own place..

So now that we can almost feel spring coming –I like to believe it’ll be soon- my pick is Zara Home’s Green Herbs cylindrical candle. It’s very fresh and light, and it reminds me of those rainy summer days, where you can smell the drizzle in the grass –that was very poetic, I know. It also has floral notes, which makes it all come together as the perfect spring scent. Also, can we just take a moment and appreciate the cuteness of the jar? Pastel green, neat label; just lovely.

I must admit this Zara Home candle obsession has become kind of an issue for me. I’m currently on the chase of yet another one from the special spring edition called Feuille de Figuier. And as you probably can imagine, it smells like fig and godness.. need I say more?


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