The “Make Travelling Less Boring” Kit

BenQ Digital Camera

As much as I love travelling, the idea of spending more than one hour sitting in the same place alone without moving is so unappealing to me. This situation is even worst when you pick the place next to the window to enjoy the view just to realize you can actually see nothing –this happened to me more than once. So let me just introduce you my top five travelling staples that will make your journey the shortest ever..

Music. There is no way I can survive a day without my music player, I can’t even imagine a 5 hour train ride. Make sure it is fully charged –it’s obvious but sometimes sh*t happens- and you have add your favourite tracks. Right now I’m loving Bed Peace by Jhene Aiko ft. Childish Gambino. Perfect.

Magazines. Literally the first place I go to when I arrive to the airport or the stations is head up directly to the newsstand and spend half an hour deciding which one to take. My latest picks have been Cosmopolitan and Marie Clare. Loved cosmo, not so much Marie Clare..

Snack. I hate spending money on overpriced food. 2€ for a mini biscuit bag? No, thank you. I’d rather take a fruit with me.

Notebook. As a part time blogger, I don’t usually have too much time to write. That’s why I tend to take a notebook with me to write down any posts ideas, things to do..

Smartphone. After a fatal accident last summer, my beloved Samsung Galaxy Ace passed away *one minute of silence*. So for now I must live with this other Samsung that won’t win the price for the most beautiful smartphone but works pretty fine..

Also, if you spend too many hours using your phone don’t forget to take a battery charger with you. I got mine from smarttoools last Christmas and it is life changing.

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