A Running Playlist That Will Keep You Going

Runners starting kit

A few weekenders ago I mentioned that I was getting back on track with this running thing. And after going through my running staples, I have to mention another running must for me: music. Yes, I know you feel the same, we all love music. So let me take you through my favourite tracks at the moment for a 30 minutes run..

Iggy Azalea ft Rita Ora Black Widow – Iggy Azalea has become my lastest discovery and oh girl do I love her. Her rapping is fine to me (back off, haters) and this song in particular makes me feel like a total ganster. Trust me, you need this felling when you start running..

Shakira RabiosaThis song may not make enough sense to you, but after the first five minutes running, anything with some rythim to keep you going is welcome.

Jennifer Lopez ft Lil Wayne l´m into you – Love Lil Wayne, not so much JLo. This song, though, is one of my favourites. Also can we just take a moment and see how amazingly beautiful Jen looks in the video?

David Guetta ft Sia Titanium – You’ve been running for 10 minutes now say what?!

Taylor Swift Shake it Off – Gotta love a little bit of Taylor..

Fifth Armony Que Bailes Conmigo  Hoy – I don’t know why I like this song so much. Maybe it is because it reminds me of summer and who doesn’t like that?

Ellie Goulding Burn – You feel like your legs are burning, but that’s ok..

Christina Aguilera Fighter – Love this song so much specially when you are about to give up. Do not stop. You. Are. A. Fighter.

Big Sean l do it – That’s right, you can do it!

Ariana Grande One last time – Yes, last time I go running..

When I finish, I usually drastically change my music player mood from lets go kill some b*tches to the sleepiest music you can imagine (more Taylor Swift included). My favourite track right now is Best Mistake by Ariana Grande ft Big Sean. Feel free to share your favourites. If we are going to be in pain for 30 minutes, at least let’s do it to good music.


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