Closet Essentials: The Statement Shoes

BenQ Digital Camera

They say women are crazy about shoes, but this statement does not apply to me at all. I can count all of my shoes with my two hands, and I always end up wearing the same pair for weeks (or even months)..

I like my shoes to be comfy and flat, and I never wear heels except when I go out. As I mentioned in my minimalist closet post, my wardrobe is pretty simple, I don’t like flashy clothes although I must admit some glittery t-shirts have made their way into my closet –sometimes it’s hard to say no.

But when it comes to shoes, I don’t mind them to stand out and be the focus of my outfit. These Stradivarious golden pointed shoes are what I am talking about. They are flat, they are comfy and they have that je ne sais pas that can turn a boring outfit into a trendy outfit. I like to pair them with a loose knit, skinny jeans and a simple boyfriend coat. I have to warn though, they are very soft but at first they do rub a little bit, just until you wear them two or three times.

Now I just wish for warm weather so I can wear them without the fear of ending with my feet soaked. This shoes are made for walking, and that is what they do..

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