Reasons To Love The Sephora Facial Exfoliator

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I can honestly say this little pad has been a total discovery for me since I began to use it. It has even replace my interest on a clarisonic mia. Why? For two obvious reasons: It is way cheaper (really really cheap, fo’real) and it is the cutest thing ever.. I use my sephora facial exfoliator pad on my morning and evening routine, in circular motions with a drop of my cleanser to get rid of everything I don’t want in my skin a.k.a death cells, sweat.. It is made of silicone, which means you can desinfect it perfectly and as it is so small you can place it anywhere (I keep mine stuck behind the bathroom door). Also, the pad has two different bristles; the little ones are for a deeper exfoliation while the big ones are a tiny bit more gentle.

I could feel a difference in my skin since the day I started using this. Much softer and brighter, dreamy. I cannot recommend this pad enough, even if you have sensitive skin (like me). Besides, the price. Five euros if I remember correctly, which is nothing compared to other exfoliators. What are you waiting for? Get yourselves one of these!

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