The Weekender #8: Belfast, Snow and a Facebook Page

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It’s been a few weeks since the last weekender so this one is going to be a loooong one, I don’t even know where to start..

I think you are all willing to know where I am finally doing my Erasmus+ Internship –jokes. Last week I was told I’m going to Belfast! And I am beyond excited. I’ve never been there, so I don’t know anything about it, but what I do know is that the weather is very similar to where I live (Bilbao) so I think it will feel like home from the very first day. Also, if you think there is something I need to know about Belfast, don’t hesitate and let me know..

Two weeks ago I spent the weekend in Leon visiting a friend and I swear I have never ever been that cold. It was freezing, but on the brightside, it was the first time I saw snow (imagine me like a little kid yelling It’s snowing, it’s snowing!!) I had a very good time, though.

And finally, after thinking and thinking again, I decided to create a Facebook page *applauses*. I don’t really know how to make it work, but you can check it out and give it a like if you fancy. Any tips on Facebook will be very much appreciated.

So, can you believe is February is almost gone?!

2 thoughts on “The Weekender #8: Belfast, Snow and a Facebook Page

  1. estamosviviendo says:

    Belfast? Me encanta, que recuerdos, los vas a disfrutar muchísimo! He realizado mi beca Leonardo da Vinci allí y fue genial¡ si necesitas ayuda con algo, no dudes en preguntarme!

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