New Addition To The Family

BenQ Digital Camera

So last week I went shopping with one idea in my mind: new sports gear. But you know, things not always go as you plan. I bought some new good training stuff –that have already made an appearance on the blog– but I also bought one cheeky little treat for myself that, I tell you, was love at first sight..

The bag you can see above is from Lefties, and I have been months looking for something like this. I like my bags to be quite sober, but at the same time I like them to have something special as my wardrobe is pretty simple, so this one with a grey and white snake pattern border is almost made for me. It’s also small but not too small and it fits all the necessary things –bye bye hefty handbags.

This was from the sales for 4€ and unfortunately you cannot get it online, so I’m not sure If you will be able to find it on the stores (although there were a lot of them when I was shopping). BUT I have another option for you –that I also have my eyes set on- and it is this lovely silver handbag from Parfois that my sister bought last summer and I also feel in love with the first time I saw it. I mean can you tell Valentine’s Day is coming? *Love is in the air* (note: this post was clearly written before Valentine’s Day..)

Handbags before boys. As if I needed another handbag..

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