Clear Skin Alert: Origins Super Spot Remover

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If I had three wishes, with no doubt one of them would be to have clear smooth baby skin –the other two would be to have lots of money and be a VS angel, obvs.

I’ve never had terrible skin though, and I can happily say my skincare routine has a lot to do with it. I try to eat healthy, drink a lot of water and also I never pick my skin. Like EVER. However, we all know that sometimes we cannot control our body, specially some days of the month –ladies raise your hand if you agree.

In my case my skin becomes crazy around my jawline, and I like to call this spots angry spots, because they are too big, they hurt and they make me very angry. So when this happens, I immediately take my Origins Super Spot Remover. And let me just tell you this is the best thing I’ve ever tried. It is magic. I usually use this at night, just put a drop on a cutip, rub it gently on the spot, and let it work. Within minutes you can feel how your spot soothes and the swelling will go down. By next morning my skin is almost cleared up. I feel like it works wonders with under skin blemishes, the only ones I have.

It comes out as a clear gel, smells nice and it absorbs ridiculously fast. Although I use it at night, the “nothing here” texture makes it perfect to use it in the mornings when the situation is out of control. It is quite drying, and although I have sensitive skin I haven’t had any problems, but still, this can be different in each person.

The bottle is small, cute and travel friendly. Could it be more perfect? YES. Think if this worked with people. One drop and they’re gone. Wouldn’t that be lovely.

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