So You Want A Minimalist Closet?


Having the perfect closet has always been one thing on my “to do list”. Over the years my style has changed a lot, but in general I can say that It has always been quite simple and sober (lol).

However, lately I’ve been thinking on doing a little change in my wardrobe. Out with the old, in with the new (yes, I’ve just quoted High School Musical). Throwing away stuff I don’t really need, that’s right, with no mercy. Inspired by the posts of some of my favourite bloggers (lipstickswithsomesusnshine and Into-Mind) I’ve decided to finally take a chance and pursue the closet of my dreams. So here are some of their advice to redesign and revamp your closet..

1. Clear Out. New clothes mean more space. Which means you need to get rid of the things you don’t use. Yes, that shirt you’ve been keeping “just in case” NEEDS to go.

2. A strategy. Define your style and what you want.

3. Stay true. Create your personal style, and don’t follow trends. I’m looking at you, crop tops.

4. Invest in Quality. I think this is the most difficult part for me, for obvious reasons: I don’t have a proper job. My budget is pretty limited, but recently I’ve managed to start letting It go a little bit. My wallet doesn’t agree, though..

5. Stay Basic. Chose basic pieces. Did somebody say jeans and a white t-shirt?

So here it is, my first ever English post. Please bare with me..

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