Sumer in Italy Through My Phone

italian summer

aperitif italy

While I´m sitting at my desk back home, can´t help but look through my camera roll and feel nostalgic for the past week. Spent a week in Italy, between Isola D´Elba and Firenze to be exact. I never thought I´d be travelling to Italy that much this year, but life has its surprises. Listen, if you are looking for some quiet and sweet holidays, Elba is your place. So peaceful it didn´t seem earth. Just another place where time and tourist did not exist. Mingling among italians felt good. Serving clear bluish water most of the time, I basically lived in my bikins for three good days. Back in the city, Firenze is just IT.

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The MAC Bronzer I Will Be Using All Summer

MAC skinfinish natural bronzer

Name three things you would take to a dessert island: a lighter, a raincoat and bronzer. Call me a weirdo but I could easily survive without brows or mascara, but never give up on my bronzer. Yes, I would be already tanned on an island (guessing, if the weather was tropical) but I could not imagine a life without it because I´m that extra.. Continue reading

A Beauty Blogger´s Favourite: Mac Face And Body Foundation Review

mac face and body foundation review makeup

Please help me, I´m been nonstop thinking of Nutella crepes lately. There´s something about them that remind me of my sister and Italy, and I just cannot think of anything else. Is it too soon to say summer is just around the corner? It does not matter to me, because I´ve been planning holidays since the very first day of the year..

There´s a great summer ahead. Italy and France are right on the list and I can assume there will be a lot of hot days. Honestly, I would take anything as long as I could avoid whatever heat wave hits Europe this year. Makeup on summer is a tricky one but I believe this MAC Face and Body foundation could be everything I wished for. I love the fact it matches my skin perfectly, literally looks like my own (but better) after applying this. It has a watery texture, and it advises to shake before use. There´s a lot of opinions on how to blend the face and body foundation but personally I like using my fingers first and finishing with a beauty blender. It has a very light coverage; however, it is very buildable.  It is not super long lasting, but I would say it lasts pretty good for at least a few hours. Every time I wear it is like photoshop, my face simply looks good. This has been my go-to foundation for the past months, such a dream.

Also, I have not been able to ditch the Nutella crepes out of my head as I write this post, which are also a dream.


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Rituals Brightening Exfoliator Review

rituals brightening exfoliator review

I´ve been nursing my love for skincare through years, trying as much skincare as I could. And sometimes it happens, you find a brand that, statistically, can´t do anything wrong. Rituals is one of those brands, I just love more and more every time I try something from them. Their whole Shakura line is my favourite, and I hoped their skincare wouldn´t be different.. Continue reading

A Few Beauty Resolutions

beauty resolutions

I am great at my skincare routine and so bad about everything else. I can finally admit that. AM and PM face rituals are good, never missed. Even on tipsy nights, never* going to bed with makeup on. I can do that. I do it gracefully, step by step. But tell me about my body. Continue reading